Fun ways to deal with price concerns


This week there is a guest blog post by Patrick Foster. Patrick is an author and ecommerce expert on ecommerce tips – a leading ecommerce community in an industry is in the process of sharing countless business and entrepreneurial insights.

The art of selling is incredibly complex. After all, there are numerous potential obstacles and there are many possible paths to success. Therefore, there is room for many sales tricks in business – the wheel and manipulation of the agreement, the art of objective scripted rhetoric and everything in between.

So if you’re trying to sell and you’re faced with price-based objections, it’s not always good to go down the conservative logical path (there are many reasons for price concerns, remember).

If you think potential customers can handle a wall strategy without hesitation, why not break the moderation to moderate humor? Make them laugh, and they can forget the value of money.

For this purpose, here are 7 fun ways to answer contests (success isn’t really guaranteed):

Find a cartoon way to say the price can’t be lowered

You may have heard of the idea that they offer someone an unmistakable offer, but it is generally very expensive to arrange it. Instead, try to give them the same offer they’ve already turned down once, but change the presentation a little. They can see the lake in a different light.

For example, if you’re trying to sell a light comb for $100, change the structure of the quote as follows:

Make sure you are still full and make sure you have almost new comb in good condition. Remind them of everything they wanted to start. Throw them into the most advanced contract… Pays 520 at a time. I’m sorry you’re not really paying the price, but tell them this is the best thing you do. By doing this, you take another step to paint the product in the best light, work humorously and eventually get a tone of apology, rethinking the situation.

Relate the situation to their interests

Probably everyone has a hobby or special interest – they can love fishing, or boat races or golf. The point with our interests is that they avoid our rational thought processes and lead to many emotional conclusions that make it the right discussion point for your sales work.

Talk to potential customers about their interests, and then ask them how they make purchase decisions when buying the product to their advantage.

Do they choose the cheapest option every time? Or do they pay extra to get the real quality? Your situation is certainly no different – you hear the price they think is steep, but the quality is worth it.

Tell them they can’t afford to buy. Don’t they think they can spend so much? You don’t think they’re going to spend that much. When they push you to what you say, tell them that this company is a turning point in their lives, and they face the choice between going to great success and facing a devastating decline – if they decide to buy, give them that success.

Of course, you don’t have to be so dramatic, but you have to be a little playful. We all want to sell because our actions make us feel important, so they’ll realize that the more you try to make your pitch, it’s a meaningful decision.