Funny messages outside the office

Are you on vacation? On the way to the labour conference? Have you had a fever? You take a break from an email letter, which means it’s time to interrupt the fear of “out of the office” Writing isn’t just boring, but most people will be happy to read it when they expect a real response from you.

Put it on sale

I’m away from the office on vacation right now.
I know I’d say I have limited access to email and I can’t reply until I get back, but that’s not true. My iPhone will be with me and can answer if I need it. I feel like I have to cancel my vacation from time to time to deal with emergencies.

That’s what I promised my wife that I would try to relax, stay away and enjoy the holiday as much as possible. So I’m going to test something new. Leave the result in your hands:

Your email is very urgent and if you need a reply when I am on holiday, please send it to and I will try to respond quickly.

If you think someone else can help you in the first round of capital, send my assistant Fiona and he’ll try to get you in the right direction.

Sometimes honesty is the best. Venture investor Josh Cobelman shares the facts and then gives you the opportunity to choose your own adventure. Do you really want to cancel his vacation?

Have fun with pop culture

Take a hint from PR guru Guinea Teitrich – don’t forget it by designing your message with a pop culture note. Are you having a sick day? It’s a little humorous. When the message breaks the office’s control, you always criticize Nikeville. Take a hint from PR Guru Guinea Teitrich – make it memorable by designing your message with a pop culture note.

I’m telling you, I feel like a hedgehog climbed his head out of my neck. I didn’t want to miss our excitement Monday morning, and I came to work this morning hoping this would pass. I have a bed and a TV now. I can breastfeed Nikvil in a bottle until I’m hit by the purple mist of cherry-delicious syrup. Forgive me for my absence, and the rest assured me that I would not spread my grief to others in the office.