Rooster + fun.


The “arrogant and fun” method of talking with women pays more attention to verbal performance. Some people firmly believe in this technology, but the fact that makes it the best is that wit is not easy, because it may be awkward. Being able to find the words in time is a difficult task, but acting a little arrogant is a completely different problem. It requires influence, puns, and refinement, but what makes it difficult.

Please note that it is easy for girls to believe that someone is joking, and adult women may not take the same approach. Girls tend to be more attracted to interesting types of men with attractive words, while women or ladies who prefer a man.

It will persuade their minds to have meaning and wisdom, not fun and laughter.

Just remember that the “cock + fun” method can be used with ladies, but you should modify it to a large extent to get its rights. You should be able to find the location and use it during contract time. It’s the reason why this special technique should only be used by those who understand people’s different personalities and handle them in the same way.

Just like what I said in the previous lines, the arrogance and contemplation skills should not be used by anyone, because some men have such a light humor by nature. In order to master this method, it requires a lot of labor and time. It is not easy to use, because you have to understand what types of girls are in front of you before you decide to adopt this method.

The following lines should show you how to use cock + fun shackle technique:

Remember, arrogance (arrogance) should have a degree to control it. In case you overdo it, the girl may believe that you are rude, and if you act a little humble, she may start to think you are not confident. You should detect the very light connection between these two situations in order to achieve your goal. Some people use jokes to break arrogance and stiffness. Once again, being funny doesn’t have to be solved by this method.

Just remember that when you continue with this technique, you shouldn’t back down if you want to always prevail. Don’t release any power or authority that you have gained with a girl, because it will be quite difficult for you to return once you lose it. Girls can play more roles than you think, so you shouldn’t give up the opportunity.

Think of it this way; continue to boldly let her make every statement you say. For example, when you two start a conversation, you should always have full power over the situation. You can always use the line, “You know you look so pretty, but I have always been with the offspring.” Or “God, your shirt is not wrong, a girl.” The meaning of the lines is to dare not to flatter the girl in front of you.

Then, she might start to ask questions like; “Do you mean my shirt is good or what? You can answer “Well, maybe.” I think I can decide late at night. I have been confused for the longest time. Then, he may ask you about your job. Then, you should say again implicitly, “Well, my focus is on what a girl like you wears” instead of saying “I am a fashion designer”.

Funny Rooster

Remember, your answer should be implicit, but your question can be as clear as you want. For example, you can ask “What is your job?” Then you can say “It doesn’t matter, but when you are an adult woman, what do you plan to do? Just ask in a humorous tone. Make sure it sounds like a comic, so you don’t think you are too rude.

Similarly, in case she starts to say some common or common words, don’t make fun of her, because she might be wrong. For example, if she explains, she works as a temporary secretary until she finishes college, don’t laugh at her because she may feel hurt.

The “conceit and fun” method seems difficult to master because it requires a lot of effort. Therefore, I believe that you can find the most suitable way to attract a woman if you have a humorous personality type.