Three techniques for creating funny characters and funny sketches.


Write a three to six minute comedy sketch. You have so little time to develop your character. Use these techniques to create interesting characters and depth and interesting sketches that your audience will like.

When writing a three to six-minute comedy sketch to be performed in a church, school or other organization, you need to quickly get into your plot and the theme of your sketch. There is almost no time to develop interesting characters.

However, if your audience does not understand your comic character to a certain extent, your comedy sketch will be dull and lifeless one-liner, with no depth or emotion, causing conflict and pushing it forward meaningfully.

Therefore, your audience needs some ideas, an interesting character from the edge, to understand the motivation behind what they say and do. Therefore, three techniques are used to create comic characters and comedy sketches that audiences love.

Use stereotypes to create interesting characters.

In the comedy sketches, the most obvious role that everyone has known and understood is the stereotype. Vanity, female Diwa, stupid Jock, changeable guy lurking in the shadows, neurotic geek, stingy accountant. Now that I have started some of your comedy sketches, I believe you can create an extensive list.

Stereotypes make comedy sketches an interesting character because your audience will instantly understand the character. People already know the motives and reasons behind the characters, what they say and do.

Exaggerate to the maximum.

Nowadays, it is really fun to make stereotyped characters and increase the laughter of your comedy sketches and exaggerate them. Female Diwa is more than vanity. Whenever her reflection appeared, she was so vain that she stopped. Stupid Jock was so ignorant that he didn’t realize that he had misplaced his football helmet on his head. Neurotic geeks are embarrassed socially, they talk to computers as if they are human.

People laugh at stereotypes, because the funny characters in your comedy sketch are too exaggerated, and they can’t represent anyone in the audience. Even if everyone can think of someone who is well represented in this interesting character in the audience.

In a comedy sketch, I wrote about a church worship service, titled “Focus on priority three suburban ladies who are out of shape, sign up for a fitness class, thinking it will be a relaxing and relaxing exercise time. On the contrary, his personal trainer looks like On your face, the military drill sergeant, pushed them far beyond their expectations with the comfort zone.

Add contrast to interesting characters and situations.

In comedy sketches, opposites are not attracted, but they create conflict. Conflict creates humorous energy in your sketch. People in real life are never one-dimensional. None of your interesting characters should be. Even if it is your stereotyped character, it can surprise your audience and make your comedy sketch deeper.

The easiest way to achieve this is to think about the opposite.

So you are stuck as a volunteer from Diwa in a homeless shelter. Dumb Jock is good at international elephants. The neurotic geek skates while listening to hard rock music. The lonely accountant feeds high-quality dog ​​food to the stray dogs behind his office building.

You can match the opposite character. It is a premise behind the strange couple. One is very clean and orderly, the other is completely lazy.

When you bring your exaggerated, stereotyped characters into a situation together, you create instant conflict and the potential of great comedy skits.

What happens when a free atheist and conservative evangelicals collaborate for a common cause? The church moves to the fence of a strip club? A crusty, passive old man adopts a naive, faithful, eight-year-old How about his grandson who lost his parents?

By creating exaggerated and stereotyped characters, adding contrast, and combining them with opposite characters into various situations, you will create interesting characters with depth and comedy sketches that your audience will appreciate and appreciate.