Write a comedy lesson sketch: how to create interesting characters.


Want to write a comedy church sketch? I have done this for more than 20 years. There are some techniques here that will help you write an interesting sketch that carries meaningful information.

Comedy sketches can be effectively used in church services to convey the truth of the Bible. You don’t have to be a professional writer or actor to create interesting characters and humorous plays, to be interesting, but still make a powerful, spiritual influence on your church congregation. Although I work as a freelance writer professionally, I have written church dramas for more than 20 years. There are some sketch writing skills, I use it to create interesting characters and humorous church plays.

Form church sketch characters around your actors.

The Hollywood script creates a character, and the director hires an actor to play that character. But it’s Hollywood. All the actors are professionals. He is dedicated to learning how to play various roles.

Most of the actors in your church sketch are amateurs. It does not mean that he has no talent. But they won’t be as versatile as professionals. Therefore, instead of adapting to a part of the sketch, it is better to adapt to a part of the sketch. In other words, write parts to complement their natural personality and talents. If your actor is born to live in groups, your sketch characters must live in groups. If in real life, they are thoughtful and analyzed, they should have the same personality as the sketches. If he has a talent for display, such as French accent or Elvis imitation, incorporate him into the sketch. By forming your dramatic role around the actual personality and talent of the actor, you create a role that is easier to play naturally and that the church audience will love.

Use stereotypes.

A 3-5 minute sketch does not allow enough time for too much character development. Therefore, using common stereotypes, it is easy for your actor to take on part and teach your audience to understand the nature of the role.

Stupid blonde.
Computer geek.
Insensitive Jock.
Power hungry executives.

They are all familiar characters, so easy to play and form a humorous sketch for the actors. When you think of interesting characters in movies and sitcoms you’ve seen, they are often based on stereotypes. I believe that when you are engaged in your sketch writing, you will think of many others.


It’s just that the blonde in your church sketch is a bit silly. Makes her stupid. You are indifferent to Jock and completely forget any life other than sports. Computer geeks cannot talk to actual people. A person who is not only afraid of height, but also paralyzed in the fear of the second step of the ladder. The more you exaggerate, the more interesting it is, and the less likely it is that the actors in the sketch will be like the real people in the church.


Even if it is a person with minimal acting skills in the church, as long as he is put into a sketch role, he will laugh, which is just the opposite of people in real life. You may be surprised at your personal wishes, not only to accept the part, but also to tarnish it on stage.

Is there a solemn receptionist wearing a suit to go to church? Put him on a long wig and a rock band shirt. Your son-in-law pastor portrays a spoiled, arrogant son. Your most talented singer plays an American Idol player and sings to the key. By using familiar people in the church, they have known traits and talents, and they will play a role that is completely opposite to that in real life. You can create instant humor for any sketch.

By using these techniques to write your sketches, you will use your actors more effectively to create comedies that your church audience will appreciate, but still effectively convey your message.